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As anybody who has watched the Warriors will tell you, Andre Iguodala might not be the most important player, but he is one of the most impactful ones.

As part of their run from the beginning, he knows what it takes to be a Champion almost as well as he plays in those big moments. Game 2 of the NBA Finals only served as more evidence of that point, as the Warriors pulled away with a victory thanks to one big three-point basket late in regulation by Iggy.

It is moments like these, and his Championship pedigree overall, that has him in the conversation for the Hall of Fame. An accolade that Iguodala, funnily enough, says he doesn’t really care about.

(via Ethan Strauss piece on the Athletic)

In Portland, before Game 4 of the Western Conference finals, Iguodala was asked about speculation that he would indeed make the Hall of Fame. “I don’t care,” he said. Really? Some players get emotional during those ceremonial speeches. “None of it matters,” he replied. “Does anyone remember any of those speeches other than Jordan’s?”

Then Iguodala broke it down. “See, here’s how it works. One day, you’re replaced. Then it’s some other motherfucker in there. And then there’s another motherfucker. And another after that. Nobody remembers anything. None of it matters!”

He said all this with the wry smile of the provocateur. It’s often difficult to tell whether Andre Iguodala is indeed a nihilist, or just someone playing the role for kicks.

Indeed, it is hard to tell whether Andre’s statement is just another part of his “act,” or if this guy really thinks this way. It isn’t necessarily a problem either way.

What it does show is that there really is nothing Iguodala is after except a Championship. He isn’t fond of the accolades or the personal achievements — he just wants to come along for the ride and play his part in perhaps the greatest team stretch of All-Time.