For someone who is not an athlete or a sporting superstar, musician Drake has been one of the most talked about people in the sporting media over the last couple of weeks. Drake made headlines after the Toronto Raptors Game 1 win over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, the rapper had words with both Steph Curry and Draymond Green, including calling the Warriors Small Forward, “trash.”

Drake’s antics have also been making news when it comes to boxing with the “Drake Curse” making its infamous return after Anthony Joshua’s KO loss at Madison Square Garden. The musician backed Joshua in a very public matter which has left the boxer’s supporters very frustrated after the loss.

Anthony Joshua was very confident about breaking the ‘Drake Curse’, that he went to Instagram to tell everyone by posting a picture of the two together with the caption of “Bout to break the curse.”

This would have to leave the Toronto Raptors just a little bit worried with Drake heavily backing the Canadian based team in their first ever Finals series. Game 1 in Toronto was as good of a win the franchise has ever had in a postseason but they were brought back to reality after the Warriors took Game 2 to level the series.

Golden State played the last quarter without Klay Thompson because of a slight hamstring injury and were once again, without two-time Finals MVP, Kevin Durant. The next two games in San Francisco may be make or break for the Raptors, if they were to lose both, it would be a very tough road back.

For Drake, it might be the time that he supported his favorite team more quietly and away from the public and media.

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