(via Awful Announcing)

On the stage of NBA countdown, Boston legend Paul Pierce made an interesting confession to the masses about his infamous “wheelchair game.”

For years, people have been trying to determine what it was that made Pierce have to exit in such a dramatic fashion. Was it fake? Was it actually some kind of serious injury he was able to play through?

Turns out, he just had to go…

That’s right, that whole ordeal had nothing to do with an injury, he just needed to use the toilet.

Obviously, news like that hit the internet like a giant wave. Memes, jokes, and comments about the embarrassing incident flooded social media. It has got to be tough for Pierce, but obviously something he saw coming. Following his viral confession, he posted to Twitter to thank his loyal fans and even determined haters who continue to stay devoted to their cause.

Well, whatever compelled The Truth to tell the truth about that night 11 years ago, it will not be something anybody forgets very quickly. But, he is a Champion and that is not something anybody (especially Paul) will forget any time soon either.