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The Raptors, Clippers, and Lakers are going to battle it out for the services of NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard who has proven this season that he is, undoubtedly, capable of taking his team to the highest level.

You can add the Knicks to that pursuit as well. According to Basketball Insiders, New York will go after Kahwi as hard as anybody this summer.

According to a source with knowledge of their plans, the team is expected to push hard for Leonard when free agency begins on June 30 at 6 p.m.

While [Kevin] Durant’s flirtation with New York has been immersed in talk of branding deals and production opportunities, the Knicks’ front office is enamored with Leonard’s two-way skills.

Unfortunately for the Knicks, they cannot control where Leonard goes. He is a free agent, and his desire has always been to return home to Los Angeles. If he leaves the Raptors, most are expecting the 3x All-Star to sign with the Clippers.

With that being said, the Knickerbockers do pose an interesting possibility for Kawhi. They reside in the league’s biggest market, the team will be his if he signs there, and his brand will be globalized in what many consider the media capital of the world.

So, if New York whiffs on Durant and Kyrie, they will likely turn their attention towards Kawhi. Whether or not he would reciprocate those feelings, however, is not an easy prediction to make.

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