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There was a time when the Boston Celtics were the envy of the NBA. They had picks, a smart front-office, young superstars, and established veteran stars. They had it all.

And while they are still in a relatively good position, things have not worked out nearly the way they thought they would. The Celtics just had too many parts and none of them really fit together. This offseason, they will look to tweak their broken franchise with a series of moves.

But, according to one report, the Celtics might have had the opportunity to trade for a star earlier.

(via Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated)

They could have made a deal for Kawhi Leonard – my understanding, from kind of both sides of this – involving Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart. At least Jaylen Brown as the centerpiece of it all.

Kawhi would have been a game changer for the Celtics. Had they kept Kyrie, he and the Klaw would have formed a seriously dangerous tandem. They elected to keep Jaylen though, and had to live with the results.

Now Boston will have to look for another star and might end up pursuing Kawhi if they can make the room for him. But had they made the trade when they had the chance, they might be in much better standing.

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