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David Griffin has already re-instated the Anthony Davis sweepstakes this summer. After the deadline failed to bring in an offer they felt good about, they will start an intense second-round of trade talks.

This time around, the Celtics will be able to join the negotiations, and they may very well have the piece to get it done. His name is Jayson Tatum.

Despite having a relatively down year, Tatum remains of the NBA’s brightest young stars. It has long been known that the Pelicans have eyes for him, and now that Boston can finally join the trade talks, expect them to be the favorites going in.

For Boston, all indications hint that Kyrie Irving is walking, meaning they will be desperate to replace him with another established All-NBA veteran. Though it will come at a cost, the Pelicans trade could bring them that guy in Anthony Davis.

But with new management spearheading the charge, do not expect things to remain as they always have for NOLA. We could be in for a serious surprise come July 1st.

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