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For the first time since May 2016, the Golden State Warriors are no longer title favorites — ending a 1,100 day stretch. That was before Toronto’s 105-92 rout over the defending Champs. Game 5 will return to Canada on Monday, where the Raptors will have the chance to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy for the first time in their history.

True, with a still-recovering Klay and sans Durant, the Warriors are missing some key ingredients to their team. There is little doubt that the team would have been a much tougher opponent had all their moving parts been available.

But even with everything Golden State has suffered, credit has to be given where it is due. The Raptors have answered the call, and each teammate has played their role brilliantly at the league’s highest possible stage. They are on the verge of ending a dominating Golden State run.

Finishing the deal will not be easy though. The Warriors are not known for giving up, and they have been in this position before. Back in 2016, they came roaring back from a 3-1 deficit to knock off the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. They are capable of doing it again, especially if Kevin Durant returns.

But this Raptors team may be one of the best the dynasty has ever faced. They are well-rounded, deep, and is being led by a star who shines in the big moments. At the very least, the Warriors are being tested in a way they never have before. We will see how they respond with their backs to the wall.

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