(via The Japan Times)

The 2019 NBA season has not been kind to the Warriors. They have seen challenges both on and off the court, and face elimination in their fourth straight Championship run. But their problems may stem deeper than what happens on the basketball floor.

According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, players are starting to question whether or not Kevin Durant’s injury is legit.

“Irritations grew” in the Warriors locker room following Game 4’s loss to the Toronto Raptors. DeMarcus Cousins, Kevon Looney and Andre Iguodala have been playing through injuries during these Finals, and players “simply didn’t understand why [Durant] wasn’t there.”

Since Durant joined the Warriors, his legacy has been diminished by the community. He joined an established superteam for the sake of winning Championships, and many think he took the easy way out by joining the Warriors.

Three years later, and multiple Championships passed, it appears KD is losing the trust of the only guys that have really had his back these past couple of years. His recent calf injury has kept him out of the Finals for reasons many within the organization are starting to question. And as the 2x Finals MVP nears a return to the court, the narrative that the Dubs cannot close the deal without him is going as strong as ever.