(via Slam)

In the epic and seemingly neverending chase for Anthony Davis has picked up steam again, and this time the Lakers are leading the headlines for the right reasons.

The Lakers are leading the charge for AD and, according to Marc Stein, have offered the expected package of players.

Boston is also engaging in talks as well, apparently unphased by Rich Paul’s earlier comments.

What is more surprising though is the player that the Lakers are trying to hold on to — former University of Utah star Kyle Kuzma.

Apparently, the Lakers remain reluctant to trade Kuzma in the Davis deal. He was on the table during talks between the teams before February’s trade deadline.

Thus, for Davis and the Lakers, everything hinges on Kuzma. If L.A. can let him go, there is little doubt a deal will get done. If they want to get LeBron James some help, this is what it will take. But we have seen the Lakers do some wacky things in the past, and do not be surprised if they whiff on this second chance.