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The Toronto Raptors are the new kings of the NBA as of June 13th, 2019. Kawhi Leonard and company were just flat out a better team in the series. The Toronto Raptors bench was ultimately the difference throughout the series, and the Warriors were just depleted from top to bottom.

Where do the Warriors go from here? With Kevin Durant being out with a torn Achilles and now Klay Thompson suffering from a torn ACL. There are now big questions looming coming with free agency just around the corner. Will the dynasty keep rolling on? Here are 3 reasons why the Golden dynasty will continue on despite the injuries to KD and Klay.


3. Warriors Will Offer The Max To Both Klay And KD

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Golden State will prepare to offer both Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant the max. Klay is expected to be offered a 5-year deal worth 191 million. And KD is expected to be offered the supermax which is also a 5-year deal worth 221 million. It’s crazy to even think that the Warriors could have three max deals on the books.

The organization will also have to asses Draymond Green when he becomes a free agent next summer. But with the team moving to downtown San Francisco the revenue will skyrocket once they are moved into the Chase Center. So, with that cash, it will help Golden State Warriors pay all three stars, despite the organization having to pay the league office 350 million in luxury taxes.


2. Klay Thompson Is Hitting His Prime

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Klay Thompson had a great postseason averaging 20.7 PPG and 5.1 RPG. He also showed why he is arguably the best 2-way Shooting guard in the league. He guarded the likes of James Harden in the second round, to guarding Damian Lillard and then Kawhi Leonard in the NBA Finals. He showed just how much of a Warrior he really was in the Finals by coming back from a hamstring injury in game 5 and dropping 26 points on 21 shots.

Yes, Klay Thompson suffered a torn ACL, but Klay is tough enough to get back to his old ways when he gets healthy this summer.


1. Steph Will Come Out Next Season With A Chip On His Shoulder

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Steph Curry did not make the last shot ever taken in Oracle. But Curry will be entering his 11th NBA season with the biggest chip on his shoulder. The narrative has changed over the span of the last 24 hours for not only the organization but for Steph Curry himself.

The questions will be whether Steph Curry can take the Warriors to the playoffs without Klay and assuming KD next season. The pressure won’t be on him as much in years past so, expect Curry to be the 2015 Steph Curry where he won MVP. It will be hard next season if there still is no bench to help, but Curry will be ready next season to prove to people that the Golden Dynasty is not over.

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