Kyrie Irving’s current moments with the Boston Celtics are anything but good, with the point guard seemingly leaving the team in free agency after an overwhelming season in TD Garden. The former Cleveland Cavaliers player has been receiving a lot of criticism and bad comments after the latest reports of his behavior with the Celtics and the way he’s been managing his situation.

Having in consideration how difficult can be the Boston media, Irving has been the objective of criticism and more due to the way he’s been handling all of this, but apparently, the 2016 NBA championship winner has had enough and he allegedly decided to step up for himself by calling a Boston radio show.

It’s fair to say that is NOT confirmed that the player really did that, but the similarities between the caller and Uncle Drew will make people consider whether it was him or not. A mystery man, “Mikey from Waltham, Mass.,” to be exact, called into “Zolak and Bertrand,” a Boston sports talk radio show to rip the C’s and their fanbase, stating that they deserve to be struggling with free agents like they are right now.

“I was just calling to say that with such a rare talent like Kyrie is such a shame that the fans didn’t welcome him (…) telling like ‘you don’t come by pass’ and I think turns out they was right and ‘I’ was gone and look at what we’re left with.”

Even the hosts of the show had to listen to the episode again in order to recognize if it was actually Kyrie’s voice. Of course, nobody is assuring that that was Kyrie Irving calling radio shows to defend himself, but in the past we saw how Kevin Durant made a similar move with his burner accounts and seeing the way Irving manages himself with the media, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he actually was the person behind the phone in that curious call.