The Boston Celtics experiment with star guard Kyrie Irving looks to have ultimately failed as it looks like he’s almost a certainty to join the Brooklyn Nets during this offseason. With his intentions made clear, the next step for Kyrie is to try and see who else he could lure over to Brooklyn as well.

According to Ric Bucher of the Bleacher Report, the Celtics guard is “pressing” pending free agent Kevin Durant to join him in Brooklyn next season. Not only is Irving looking to bring Durant across, but he is also speaking to big man DeAndre Jordan about playing at the Nets, this leaves the possibility of a new superteam being created.

Bucher also reported that Irving and Durant have met face-to-face twice in recent weeks, first in the Bay Area and the second time in New York where the two-time Finals MVP underwent surgery on his torn Achilles tendon. It’s certainly assumed that the two spoke about possible future plans and where the two would be playing next season.

The Brooklyn Nets have plenty of options to free up enough cap space available to sign two superstar names such as Irving and Durant, the Nets find themselves in a similar position as their close rivals, the New York Knicks. All throughout the season, it was rumored that the New York Knicks may be the new home for Kevin Durant in the 2020 season.

The pending decision of Durant will certainly now have a big impact on where certain other players end up and how the 2020 season will shape up.