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Michael Jordan has got to be in panic mode right now. What’s the plan MJ? Is this house going to fall. This is not a Game of Zones episode. You cannot write a Hollywood ending but can prevent this decline of a solid franchise.

Shams Charania reported that Kemba Walker will sign for the Boston Celtics. Charlotte Hornets have a point guard problem and they need to resolve as soon as possible. Here are 4 potential options for their next floor general.


Patrick Beverley

(via Clips Nation)

The Hornets have not really shown much interest in potential free agents, but now I expect to hear their name everywhere. Beverley is not a star, but he’s an identity guy. A glue guy who will bust his tail for any team.

Beverley came from the bottom and made a name off of hustle and grit. A defensive first point guard that is willing to defer to the young guns like Miles Bridges, Cody Zeller, or PJ Washington would be exactly what the Hornets would need to stay respectable. The Clippers of the East is not a bad moniker.


Ricky Rubio

The Pacers and Suns are expected to pursue this high IQ playmaker with a savvy defensive prowess. Rubio’s jump shot has slowly been getting more respectable these past few years. Coming off a solid tenure in Utah and looking for a new home.

The hive should open itself up to guard that plays smoove and flashy. Could be an instant fan favorite? Pretty Ricky with the Hornets. I’d buy a ticket.


Terry Rozier

Now we get into the last couple guards on our list which are presently restricted, free agents. Scary Terry is expected to be pursued hard by the Knicks other teams looking for an upgrade could be the Magic, Suns, and Wizards with Wall’s injury.

The Hornets need to change the way they are building by moving on from free agents like Jeremy Lamb and Bismack Biyombo. Use the money to make a big boy offer to Rozier. This guy in spurts has shown he can be a starting level point guard. Maybe, Charlotte gives him his big break.


Malcolm Brogdon

40/50/90 guys do not grow on trees, and Brogdon can be one of the new roots to the Hornets franchise. A smart two-way combo guard who is highly efficient. The guy plays like a 10-year vet. At just 26 years young, Brogdon has not even entered his prime yet. The best years are ahead of the former Rookie of the Year. The Hornets just like the Mavericks and Suns plan to do need put out a big-time offer sheet; the likes of which Milwaukee will refuse to match.

I will give the Hornets some credit as they did hit a potential home run on draft night by drafting forward, PJ Washington. They also have Malik Monk and Miles Bridges who are oozing with potential. Going young can be the best plan for the Hornets right now.