The New York Knicks are the subject of the most jokes during this NBA free agency after failing to secure at least one major free agent. While their fans are thinking of what they need to do to finally have a star playing at Madison Square Garden, the rest of the league is making fun of them for their failures in the open market.

Even players have joined the party, including the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma, who is a kind of master when it comes to trolling other players or teams and the Knicks were his last victim. Kuzma took on Twitter to leave a short but clear message regarding the Knicks and their struggles to finally become a competitive team.

Exactly what Kuzma said is what every NBA fan thinks about the Knicks. They appear to be in an eternal circle of failure either for the decisions they make or because the luck is not on their side sometimes. They need to move fast and make better decisions in the future if they actually want to have some success in the modern NBA.