The Neymar saga continues this summer, no matter what Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona’s vice-president, and more say, there is constant tension surrounding the Brazilian superstar and his potential move back to Catalonia.

In recent days we find out Neymar’s father was in Barcelona, which instantly sparked rumors about the 26-years-old’s future ahead of next season. Now, Neymar’s father, Neymar Sr., has denied reports claiming that he has traveled to Barcelona to hold talks over his son’s potential return to Camp Nou.

Ever since Neymar left Barcelona back in 2017, the Brazilian winger has been a recurrent name in headlines due mostly to his antics both inside and outside the pitch. Seeing how overwhelming last season was for him, Ney has been rumored to be wanting to make his comeback to Spain this summer.

Paris United has claimed this week that Neymar is ‘determined to leave PSG’ and that there have been ‘multiple meetings’ to try and reach a satisfactory resolution for this situation. The report says that Ney has three reasons for wanting to leave Parc des Princes: he failed to settle in Paris, his injuries have been quite a problem for him and his recent rape allegations have affected the player, who believes a change of air is what he needs right now.

After reports in Brazil claimed that Neymar Sr. has already arrived in Barcelona to meet a famous transfer broker to accelerate Neymar’s arrival to Catalonia, it was Neymar Sr. himself who denied being in Barcelona for talks and appeared to confirm that his son will be returning to Paris ahead of the new season.

“[Transfer talks are] not planned. I am in Brazil and I will stay there until my son returns to Paris,” he is quoted as saying after an interview with Fox Sports in his homeland.

Those words make everything even more confusing than it already was. No one is 100% sure of what is going on with both Neymar and Barcelona, but now things are starting to point out that there won’t be any return to Barcelona for the Brazilian.

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