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According to WOJ per ESPN, there does not seem to be a market for DeMarcus Cousins. Despite a few hiccups in terms of his health, Cousins was a formidable 4th option for the Warriors.

This past season his technicals were down as he definitely experienced growth. Cousins falls into the category of players just need a chance to show what they can be. A one or two-year short term prove it contract at a bargain price would be a steal this offseason.


3. Past Chemistry With Anthony Davis

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They were quite a formidable pair in New Orleans. Two high IQ and skilled big men that played off each other effectively. Health was the knife which hampered their ability to seriously thrive together.

There were even times where Cousins was the top big man over Davis in games. The All-Star big man is out to prove he can still hang with the best. The Lakers are trying to build something and could benefit from bringing him on. There has been strong interest in him entering free agency. Reforming the pairing of AD and Cousins in the frontcourt could be the wind in the sails of revamping Cousins career.


2. Underrated Big Men

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Many fans have this false perception that Cousins is too much drama or even damaged goods. Cousins seemed to check his attitude at the door and when healthy fit in quite well in the Warriors system.

Cousins is a high IQ playmaker at the center spot similar to Al Horford or Marc Gasol with his passing touch. He has great hands and is extremely effective with a decent post game. The last few seasons, Cousins has improved his range out to the three-point line. Cousins has excelled in the pick n roll and when healthy is a much-improved defender. Cousins can be a viable rim protector and solid screen setter to free up shooters.

The Lakers are expected to be in the market to land some big name shooters. They already signed Troy Daniels, and are expected to have a shot at landing other shooters such as Andre Iguodala, Danny Green, and Marcus Morris Sr.


1. Could Thrive With LeBron James

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The potential chemistry with LeBron James would be like lightning in a bottle. The pick and roll could make for a deadly combo as Cousins can catch a pass going to the rim or even thrive in a pick and pop with his range. I am just going to say it if healthy, Cousins would be the best center to play with LeBron since Chris Bosh.

Sorry to names like JaVale McGee, Tristan Thompson, or even Timofey Mozgov. In the right system giving some patience and a good amount of touches. Cousins can return to a similar player.