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The Los Angeles Lakers finally got their target in Anthony Davis, but it has certainly come at a cost, not only have the franchise lost key role players from the team, but they’ve also given away some very important draft picks to the New Orleans Pelicans as part of the blockbuster trade.

As part of the trade for Anthony Davis, the Pelicans received control of almost every Lakers first-round pick from 2021 to 2015. The trade also included the Los Angeles Lakers pick number four in this year’s NBA Draft.

Something that the Lakers franchise may not have given too much thought about is that LeBron James’ oldest son, Bronny, is currently 15-years-old and could possibly be apart of one of these upcoming drafts if he is talented enough to make the league. By sacrificing so much to have Anthony Davis to join the Lakers, LeBron James may have just thrown away any chance of ever being able to play with his own son.

According to Andrew Lopez, from NOLA.com:

The Pelicans will get the Lakers pick in 2021 if it falls in the top eight, if not that pick will be conveyed in 2022 as an unprotected pick. New Orleans also gets the right to swap first-round picks in 2023 – after LeBron James contract is done with the Lakers.

In 2024, the Pelicans also get an unprotected first-round pick from Los Angeles but New Orleans could opt to delay that selection until the 2025 draft and use the unprotected pick that year.

Some of the specific picks that the Lakers have given up as part of the Davis trade include a 2021 pick if it happens to fall in the top eight if it doesn’t then it will be transferred into a 2022 unprotected pick. The Pelicans will also have the right to swap first-round picks in 2023 after LeBron James’ contract is finished with the Lakers. In 2024, the Pelicans will receive a first-round unprotected pick from Los Angeles but have the option of opting to delay that selection until the 2025 and use the unprotected pick then.

Imagine if the Pelicans select Bronny James in the 2024 or 2025 NBA Draft? Trade for Anthony Davis will be one of the most famous trades in NBA history.

The Lakers will be looking to contend for a championship if not multiple championships with Davis joining the franchise with his best basketball ahead of him. Kawhi Leonard is also being targeted by Los Angeles and if he decides to leave the Raptors, the Lakers will have an almost unbeatable big three.

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