(via Sports Illustrated)

Days after his decision, many are still wondering why Kevin Durant left the Golden State Warriors for Brooklyn — one of the league’s smaller market teams.

The answer may lie with Draymond Green, according to what Kendrick Perkins (KD’s former teammate) said on ESPN’s The Jump.

“In my opinion, KD never bounced back from the Draymond situation, and I think the Warriors had a chance to sign KD back.. It’s hard to overcome that, that was some harsh words.. As a man it’s certain levels that you just don’t cross the line, and I think that was the last straw.”

The situation Perk is referring to goes back to the beginning of the year when KD and Draymond had an “altercation” that lead to a very heated exchange of words between the stars. At one point, Green even dared Durant to leave, exclaiming that “we won without you, we don’t need you!”

It caught a lot of steam at the time, and apparently, it was something that stuck with Durant as he made his decision this summer.

The Warriors lost in the Finals this past season without Durant after he tore his Achilles tendon trying to come back to play for his team. After his departure this offseason, the Warriors traded for young guard D’Angelo Russell in an attempt to keep their pace in the loaded Western Conference.