The Los Angeles Clippers set the world on fire when they landed both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George early morning on Saturday. Now that a deal is completed for George, we get to see how stories from the past resurface to hunt the forward and his new coach Doc Rivers. Things are going to be a little uncomfortable between them.

Back in 2014, PG-13 was dating Callie Rivers, Doc Rivers’ daughter. Why is this a big deal? Well, during his days in Indiana, George allegedly cheated on Callie and offered to pay a stripper $1 million to abort the child fruit of his deception. Ultimately the stripper, Daniela Rajic decided to follow through with the pregnancy, according to IB Times.

And what a curious world we live in that today George has two children with Rajic, while Rivers is engaged to Seth Curry, who faced PG in the first round of the playoffs last season.

Although Paul and his camp denied all of this back in the day, you have to admit that things won’t be so smooth when the player and his new coach meet in LA. Of course, they are in this league trying to win championships and that’s their common goal, so they probably won’t be too worried about it.

Still, nobody doubts that at the beginning this is going to be and feel awkward.