(via Complex)

The Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes resulted in an impact far beyond what anyone predicted. Not only did Kawhi go to the Clippers, but he took Paul George with him — causing a major shift of power in the Western Conference.

But his departure has also drawn a bigger question: what might happen to Russell Westbrook?

With the Thunder primed for a rebuild, he could be headed out the door and down South to Miami beach.

After the acquisition of Jimmy Butler, the Heat have been aggressive in gauging the league for another star. After failed attempts at striking a deal for John Wall/Bradley Beal, they could make a run for Russ, who would pair up with Jimmy Butler in the backcourt to make a powerful team.

In return, Miami could offer up Goran Dragic, Justice Winslow, and a slew of future drafts picks. Considering OKC’s current state of affairs, they might be inclined to take that deal.

After trading PG (and their title contention) away for future draft picks, they essentially started the path down a long rebuild. Westbrook and the franchise will have to decide what place — if any — he will have in the process. Either way, expect the Heat to make a strong push at trading the multiple time All-Star.