Russell Westbrook’s situation with the Oklahoma City Thunder has been one of the hottest topics in the NBA in the last couple of days. Nobody knows where Brodie is going to play next season, even though the Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat, and Houston Rockets have shown their interest in landing the All-Star.

Albeit the Rockets seem to be the favorite to land Russ ahead of next season, there is one other team that might have a good shot at Westbrook, the New York Knicks. After striking out to sign big names during the free agency, now the Knicks look like a very good destination for Westbrook, with some people around the league actually backing the move.

For instance, former NBA player Paul Pierce has made a case for the Knicks to land Russell, as he considers the Knickerbockers ‘need him more than anybody’. During an appearance on The Jump, Pierce joined Rachel Nichols, Zach Lowe, and Chauncey Billups to debate the best fit for the 2017 NBA MVP.

While Lowe stated that Miami would be the best team for the guard, Pierce explained why the ‘unlucky’ Knicks would be the best squad for Russ.

“The team that’s had the worst luck this year (the Knicks). You didn’t get Zion, you didn’t get KD and Kyrie. The New York Knicks need this,” he said.

While Chauncey Billups backed Zach Lowe’s word, encouraging Westbrook to either go play in Miami or stay one more season in Oklahoma City, Pierce reinforced his desire to see the guard wearing the Knicks’ jersey next campaign.

“I don’t want to see Westbrook in OKC no more,” he added.

“That team is expired, he’s done all this camp for that franchise. Move on to the Knicks. They need him more than anybody, they missed out so much, I truly feel bad for them.”

Maybe Pierce has a valid point there. He probably wouldn’t fit well in Houston, as he’s a player who needs the ball in his hands constantly, just like James Harden, so that could be a problem for the team and both players. If he goes to Miami he would have another superstar to share touches with, Jimmy Butler, but going to the Knicks and try to relive that team looks like a real challenge for him.

They may need him, but I’m not sure Russell feels he actually needs to join the Knickerbockers this summer.