The Los Angeles Clippers are on the verge of having their best season in decades. The Paul George/Kawhi tandem is perhaps the best in the league and for one really good reason: defense.

It is rare that teams find a way to pair stars that are dominant on both ends of the floor. Even rarer that teams pair players that are the best at playing both sides.

As two of the league’s top scorers, and primary candidates for defensive player of the year, George and Leonard will create a powerful core for the Clippers, and one the league hasn’t seen since (maybe) MJ and Pippen.

Michael Wilbon on PTI recently spoke on the comparison:

Kawhi is widely regarded as the best perimeter defender in the game, while George is a regular name in the Defensive Player of the Year conversation. Pair them with Patrick Beverley, and this team becomes unquestioned favorites.

But they will not be the only ones fighting for the West this season. The Lakers, Rockets, Jazz, and Warriors will be right there along with them, hoping to take advantage of a wide-open conference.

For the L.A. Clippers, having a defensive lineup as they do certainly gives them an edge over the others.

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