Russell Westbrook remains as one of the most commented topics in the NBA right now, and it’s not a surprise as he’s one of the best players in the league and his move to any team would make a meaningful impact for that squad and the rest of the league somehow.

However, carrying a loaded contract and a style of play that wouldn’t fit very well in plenty of teams in the association makes things hard for Brodie and the Thunder in their attempts to find Russ a new team.

Now that Paul George is gone and that Westbrook appears to be the next to head through the exit door of the Thunder’s headquarters, we get to know more details about this situation, some more surprising than others.

For instance, according to Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, wanting to leave OKC is not new for Russell, as he reportedly wanted to find a new home even before the Paul George trade took place last Saturday. During an appearance on ESPN’s The Jump, Spears explained the options for Russ and how he found out the player was ‘welcoming’ a trade.

“His contract is so massive, so huge. Keep an eye in Miami, obviously, I think the Knicks, Minnesota, Minnesota needs to do something. Perhaps the Knicks should do it, they couldn’t do it until like mid-December.

“I’m saying he’s not going to rush this, he’s going to do what’s best for the franchise.”

When Ramona Shelburne tried to remember the love that exists between the point guard and the city, Spears replied with a surprising statement.

“I heard that [Westbrook] wanted out and that PG just beat him to the punch and neither one of them knew that the other one was thinking that way,” he added.

Perhaps Westbrook believes it is time for him to move on and find a new team in the NBA, and now that PG is gone, the best option for the 2017 MVP is doing the same and try to land in a team that can fit his style of play and, more important, can contend for a title.

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