Albeit Ben Simmons has been one of the most electrifying players in the last couple of NBA seasons, there is this one thing that he’s been criticized for ever since he made it to the association: his long-range shots. In fact, Simmons has never made a single triple in the NBA although we’ve seen him making a few in practices.

However, that may be changing now, according to his teammate Tobias Harris. Entering another promising NBA season, Simmons knows he has to improve his game and he seems to be working on that. He and Harris met in LA to work out together and that’s when the magic happened.

Harris described to Sixers reporter Kyle Neubeck how he was playing 1-on-1 games with Simmons, where he ‘dared’ the point guard to try some three-point shots. Simmons actually made two shots in a row and that’s when Harris had to adjust.

“Everybody was trying to figure out why I was guarding him at the three-point line, but it was really because he hit two of them,” Harris said Friday. “When I dared him to shoot two of them, he hit two in a row. That’s why I was there. He’s made big improvements on his game. His jump shot is looking really good and he the confidence to shoot.”

If Ben can add the 3-pointers to his arsenal, he would become a real threat for rivals. He’s already a very versatile player and knows very well how to run the court, so being able to make long-range shots would take him and the Sixers to the next level.