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The Anthony Davis era started off well enough for the Lakers. After trading for Davis in a huge package of picks and young players, the team was set to content for years to come.

And in the first sign of goodwill for his new teammate, LeBron James gifted AD his No. 23, and it was believed he would return to 6.


But after it was revealed that this jersey swap was not possible (thanks to some passed deadline by Nike), it became necessary for Davis to choose a new number. In his introductory press conference, the 6x All-Star shared his reaction to the news, and how he went about picking his new number, which ended up being 3.

“That was pretty hurtful. They sent me a list of numbers and I didn’t know which to choose. None of them looked right so I went on 2.K. and put all the numbers on me.”

Nike sent him a list of numbers to pick from, and he went with #3 after testing it out on NBA 2k first. That is certainly one way to do it.

The current plan is for Davis to return to his No. 23 next season, and LeBron will likely take back 6. So, this could be just a one-year change for AD.

The 26-year-old star will be one of the league’s highest-selling jerseys regardless, as he looks to bring the glory days back to Los Angeles.

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