The entire basketball world is excited to see how Anthony Davis and LeBron James will go working together in Los Angeles. LeBron didn’t have the immediate success he hoped for in his first season with the Lakers, with Davis joining him, many believe the two can take the franchise to a potential championship.

However, it turns out that Anthony Davis is not afraid to speak his mind about his new teammate, the big man was surprised to see James’ being higher-ranked than Kawhi Leonard in 2K20. When asked about the ratings, Davis admitted that he thought Leonard would be a much higher rank.

Anthony Davis made some very good points, although Kawhi Leonard played just 60 regular-season games due to “workload management”, the now-former Raptor star had an incredible postseason where he won his second Finals MVP award by leading Toronto to their first ever championship. What made the championship even more special was that it was against the Golden State Warriors who were coming off back to back championships.

As for LeBron James, the superstar still had a very strong season but he failed to help return the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs. There’s no question that LeBron is still one of the greatest players in the league but I think it’s fair to say that Kawhi is coming off the much better season.

No matter whether the ratings stay the same or change throughout the season, it’s sure going to be exciting to see LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard going head to head when the Lakers take on the Clippers this season.