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This summer brought the biggest change the Golden State Warriors have seen to their team since the arrival of Kevin Durant in 2016. They essentially replaced Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala with 23-year-old D’Angelo Russell. As they work to find ways to fit the new-look roster together, they will also consider another franchise-altering move.

According to SB Nation‘s Tom Ziller, the Warriors could explore the possibility of trading life-long member Draymond Green.

“First, Green’s value is the most likely to falter. He didn’t start last season in shape and it showed. That’s what made his late-season revival (after a crash diet) so magical: he was the Draymond of old, almost suddenly. Can the Warriors expect that every single night? Second, Green has had some run-ins with Steve Kerr and the front office. Don’t forget that the Warriors suspended Green one game when he had his public screaming match with Kevin Durant last season. I promise you Green hasn’t forgotten. Third, Green is signed to Klutch Sports. Rich Paul’s players move.”

The belief is that Green might be considering his own departure, for the reasons pointed out above by Ziller. After losing Iguodala and Durant, the Warriors could not survive the loss of Draymond as well. Draymond Green is currently entering the final year of the five-year, $82 million contract he signed with the Warriors in the summer of 2015 and will be an unrestricted free agent next summer.

If the Dubs continue to support the idea that he could leave, they could send him packing to avoid losing him for nothing in return.

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