Every single the Los Angeles Lakers fan is excited to see what next season will bring to their beloved team. But, not only they are crazy for the new season to start. LeBron James is also excited for his new teammates and the way the Lakers roster is going to look next campaign, and he’s already started to test how the squad is going to play.

He’s getting ready for the new campaign in the gym, but LBJ is also practicing with his new teammates in other platforms.

The 4x NBA MVP took to Instagram on Tuesday and showed off that he was playing NBA 2K20 as himself, but this time doing spectacular plays alongside Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins.

“Doing some homework,” LeBron posted.

As every Lakers fan, the King is hopeful to recreate the good plays he made in the video game in real life and help his team to end their playoffs drought and aspire for more once they land there.

We still have to wait before all that happens, but if the players can build chemistry like they apparently have on the simulator, there won’t be much competition for the Purple and Gold on their way to the Finals.