Albeit Antoine Griezmann completed his longed-for move to Barcelona in recent days, that is anything but the end of the story for the Frenchman and his new club.

Atletico Madrid threatened to take legal actions against the Blaugrana as they feel Barcelona have to pay the total €200 million Los Rojiblancos demanded to part with the Frenchman initially and now those threats came to fruition.

With Barcelona having already paid €120 million, Atletico claim they are owed another €80 million for the sale, raising the issue at a La Liga meeting and also complaining to the Spanish federation (RFEF).

Atletico argue that Griezmann and Barcelona reached an agreement long before the player’s release clause was dropped from €200 million to €120 million in July.

According to Sport, FIFA cannot intervene in the matter because the dispute is between two clubs from the same country, which made Atletico raise the issue of their missing money at a committee meeting between a handful of La Liga clubs on Thursday.

The report also notes that this argument was on the agenda of a Spanish federation meeting later the same day, although the organization hasn’t made any conclusion about the case yet.

In a statement issued after Barcelona announced the transfer earlier this month, Atletico blasted the La Liga rivals and their former player for the way they managed this situation.

“The amount deposited is insufficient to pay his release clause because it is obvious that the agreement between the club and Barcelona was done before his fee dropped from €200 to €120 million,” the statement read.

“Atletico Madrid understand that the contract was broken before the end of last season, on the basis of the facts, actions and statements of the player and the club has therefore started the proceedings it considers appropriate to defend its legitimate rights and interests.”

“Atleti are disgusted by the behavior of Barcelona and the player and particularly Barcelona, for inducing a player to break their contractual relationship with Atletico Madrid at a time in the season when the club was playing, not just a Champions League tie against Juventus, but also the league title against Barcelona itself.”

When everybody thought this drama was over with Griezmann’s arrival to the Camp Nou, Atleti has told otherwise. It won’t be the last time we hear about this matter over the summer.

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