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Ever since Jurgen Klopp became a famous person in soccer during his stint with Borussia Dortmund, he’s earned the love and praise from fans, players, and colleagues for his personality.

Klopp will kill and die for his players, and he just won’t lie to you or the press, even if he takes the risk of looking unprofessional or corny at times.

So, when his Liverpool team won the UEFA Champions League and threw a parade on the streets of the city, everybody thought Klopp was hammered because of the way he was celebrating with the people and his players.

That’s why Klopp wanted to address this situation about his alleged drunkenness, defending himself and claiming it was Alisson Becker the one who drank all his beers:

“By the way, people thought I was drunk on the bus. But I was not, I had only had two beers. I just looked drunk – all the beers I should have had, Ali (Alisson) had!” Klopp told reporters, as quoted by Tribuna.

Klopp admitted celebrations were much sweeter this time after losing in the UEFA Champions Leauge final vs. Real Madrid a year before finally taking home the trophy:

“Last year my agent called me on holiday and said, ‘How are you?’ and I said, ‘Fine. I am over it. I could not feel better if the cup was next to me’. Now I know that was a lie. It is a big difference when the cup stands next to me! I had that plenty of mornings (this summer) waking up and realizing it is still true. The special story of not winning it the year before, it made it unbelievable.”, Klopp concluded.

Now, it will be up to him to take the Reds back to the top of the world, although there have been some growing concerns regarding the team’s lack of signings.