Even though he’s set to give all his best to the Los Angeles Lakers next season, Anthony Davis’ future doesn’t look like the most favorable scenario for the Purple and Gold and their fans.

With Davis’ recent words saying that he would ‘definitely’ consider playing with the Chicago Bulls if the opportunity ever presents itself and before that, stating that he was going to play only this season with the Lakers, speculations about AD’s future have started to surface.

That’s why some people have started to predict that Davis won’t be part of the Lakers after the 2019/20 season and that a return to his hometown might be in his plans for next year’s free agency.

ESPN’s Jalen Rose and Mike Greenberg were discussing the report claiming that Adam Silver wants to ‘update’ free agency rules in an attempt to curb tampering when Rose decided to give his take on Davis future and what he thinks the Brow is going to do next year.

“Guys are planning years ahead,” Jalen said on Get Up. “I’m gonna say this right now: don’t be surprised if Anthony Davis ends up with the Bulls. We see Kawhi Leonard and Paul George go back to California, we see LeBron James go back to Cleveland. He’s already planting the seeds.”

When he talked about ‘planting seeds’, he referred to those words of the big man leaving the door open to a comeback to Chicago. If Davis ends up leaving the Lakers, that will put them in an extremely awful position, as they gave their entire young core and draft picks in exchange for Davis.

If Rose happens to be right next year, things are going to look really bad for the Purple and Gold.