(via Bleacher Report)

Gordon Hayward has not had a very dominating run in Boston so far. After suffering a gruesome injury in the opening minutes of the 2018-19 season, he has yet to return to the All-Star form we witnessed in Utah.

Despite his struggles, the Celtics are going to hold on to him.

(via SB Nation’s Keith Smith)

“After it was clear Kyrie​ (Irving) was leaving, I told our owner that we could maybe grab Hayward for nothing if Boston tore it down. He’s owed a lot of money, but only a couple of years left. We made a call, but it got shut down quickly. I think (general manager) Danny (Ainge) and (coach) Brad (Stevens) know what they have in Hayward for this year and going forward. He’s going to be really good again.”

Before the injury, Hayward was one of the best two-way players in the game, and almost single-handedly lead the Jazz to the postseason in 2017.

With Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn and Al Horford spending his twilight years in Philadelphia, the Celtics are depending on Hayward to find his game again. Clearly, they have confidence that he will.

The All-Star forward averaged just 11.5 points per game last season on 46% shooting last season.