Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were officially introduced as members of the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday, in a press conference that left a lot to talk about.

We saw how the Clippers owner Steve Ballmer gave us yet another viral moment showing his excitement about having Kawhi and George as part of the team, but after that, the Klaw himself made sure to drop some jaws with his statements.

One of the most notable comments of Leonard came when he was asked about playing in the shadow of the Lakers, which he replied saying it wasn’t like that anymore, pointing out that the Clippers have been better than the Lakers in recent years.

“As far as the last few years, as far as a basketball standpoint, the Clippers have been better. It’s media, you know what I mean. They’re gonna get the attention, they’re the Los Angeles Lakers, they’ve been winning championships for a long time. It’s just a media aspect. Even if we do win, who knows how the Clippers will change over. I don’t feel like I’m focused on that. I just want to win and I do things that make myself and my teammates happy. Whatever’s our goal in mind, that’s gonna be my focus and drive to just make us happy. If we go to the championship and win and we’re not getting no coverage, that’s fine by me. I’m good.”

When the two-time Finals MVP said that, everybody in the gym where the event was held started to cheer and celebrate Leonard’s words. The Clippers have been considerably better than the Lakers in recent years; they have been recurrent in the playoffs, making life hard for other teams, while the Purple and Gold have been unable to get to the postseason since 2013.

Albeit this season appears to be different, as the two Los Angeles teams look ready to compete for the throne of the West, Kawhi didn’t say anything wrong about the current basketball situation in L.A.