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Perhaps no team is in a bigger position to blow things up than the Cleveland Cavaliers. Following a successful run with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, the Cavs fell into the lottery once again — where they have remained since.

Their rebuild efforts have already begun, and they have a number of young stars on the roster.

Expect them to look for even more deals during this upcoming season. According to Joe Vardon of The Athletic, Cleveland could trade several key pieces as they continue their hunt for draft picks and young assets.

“The Cavs have no fewer than five players entering the final years of their contracts (Thompson, Clarkson, Delly, Henson, and Knight),” Vardon wrote. “One or more will be traded at some point during the season. Also, this team was among the top three in the NBA in man games lost to injury last year, in part because of the organization’s desire to pick near the top of the draft. So if things go south, a similar plan might follow, which would mean an amoeba-like starting five and rotation.”

In other words, Cleveland will do whatever it can to ensure a high draft pick in the years to come. As for Thompson, Clarkson, and the rest of them, their stay in Cleveland has extended past its welcome.

With those expiring contracts on the table, there will be some legitimate interest in any and all of those players.

As to what might happen to 5x All-Star Kevin Love, nobody quite knows that answer yet.

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