(via Yahoo Sports)

Whether it’s in basketball reels or Taco Tuesday videos, the world is being exposed to LeBron James Jr. more than ever before. As he prepares for his high school debut at Sierra Canyon, many are wondering just how much game this already wickedly famous kid has got.

Is he the real deal?

Word on the street is, folks see him as talented — but also that he will have to take multiple big steps forward before he’s a true NBA prospect.

“I haven’t closely evaluated him yet,” Rivals.com recruiting analyst Corey Evans, who will begin looking hard at the entire Class of 2023 this year, said to Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports. “But from a quick glance, he’s made significant progressions over the last year in terms of skill set, improving as an athlete and getting bigger, taller and stronger. You hate to project four or five years in advance, but right now everything adds up to him definitely being an NBA prospect.”

As the son of LeBron James, he will have plenty of opportunities to work and improve his game in the coming years. Obviously, being just 14 -year-old, it’s hard to say what kind of player he will become. But if he is anything like his dad, great things are sure to come.