Kawhi Leonard’s decision to leave the Toronto Raptors to join the Los Angeles Clippers was a massive surprise as many NBA experts believed his decision was narrowed down to just the Raptors and the Lakers.

ESPN analyst Jalen Rose believed that Kawhi Leonard had a 99% chance of staying with the Toronto Raptors before it was announced that the two-time Finals MVP was joining the Clippers. It sure made him look quite foolish after it happened but Rose still thinks that his prediction was correct and the move by Leonard was a very last minute one.

Rose defended his original prediction in the latest episode of Jalen & Jacoby when asked if he believed it was a last-minute decision.

“Of course, yes and that’s why I went on wax and was like he’s 99% staying with the Raptors because just cause Paul George walks into an office in OKC saying he wants to get moved after AD ends up with LeBron, after KD and Kyrie both signed, Jimmy Butler comes off the board, the musical chairs was happening and then the music stopped and Kawhi didn’t have an all-NBA player to run with.” says Rose.

Kawhi Leonard has revealed that the decision was an extremely tough one and that he was very close to staying with the Raptors and aiming for back-to-back championships in Toronto. Jalen Rose had one thing right, he won’t be joining LeBron James and Anthony Davis to play out his career for the Lakers.

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