Marcus Smart has finally addressed his flopping. It’s not a secret that the Boston Celtics guard has become a kind of master of those practices, and he’s not afraid to admit it.

Smart joined ESPN’s The Jump on Monday, where he had the chance to discuss a lot of topics, including Boston’s failed season, Kyrie Irving’s departure and more. But, when the time to talk about his flopping came, Smart didn’t back down. In fact, he made the case trying to defend his flopping.

“The only difference between me is, I flop on defense. Your favorite player flops on offense,” Smart said, via John Karalis of

“That’s the only difference. Especially in a game where the offense has nothing but the advantage, the defense has to do something to get the advantage back. So, the offensive guy can put his hands on you. He can touch you as much as he wants. But the minute you touch him, it’s a foul. So, you’ve got to draw attention to the officials to let them know, hey, it’s working both ways now.”

He’s not wrong with that. With a league offensive-oriented, the NBA has changed the rules of fouls, making them even more difficult on defenders. Now they have to find and invent new ways to get an offensive foul.

Smart also made sure to send a message to the players who flop on the offensive side of the court. Guys like James Harden or LeBron James have been famous for this. Things would be better for everybody if players just stop doing that, both defending and attacking the rim. Sadly, nobody is planning on doing that right now.