Toni Freixa, a former Barcelona executive and presidential candidate, opened up about the rumors about a possible Neymar come back to Camp Nou but wasn’t exactly looking forward to it.

Freixa believes signing a player like Neymar after spending so much money on Antoine Griezmann won’t benefit the club, especially considering there must be a lot of personal interests about his signing:

“There are many reasons, I could be speaking for half an hour. The main one is that Neymar has spent the last two years in the media because of news far away from football. His quality is incredible but he offers a lot of doubts about his future performance. We can speak about how he left. He still has a legal demand against Barcelona. If Barcelona is ready to make this kind of investment (…) after Griezmann we must think about if we need Neymar,” Freixa told Goal.

The executive told about the Camp Nou project and Barcelona’s future and admitted that adding more firepower to a team that already features talented players upfront would be redundant.

“I believe in projects which look for the pieces they need, not ones that are just focused on players who are good in their own right. I can’t understand a project where you are going to add Neymar to a group with Messi, Griezmann, Suarez, Coutinho, and Dembele. It doesn’t look reasonable to me”, he added.

Also, Freixa thinks there’s something going on behind the scenes regarding the Neymar situation, claiming there must be a lot of personal interests on him coming back to Barcelona, and that the club would end up paying a lot of money that could be used on the Camp Nou renewal project or Messi’s contract extension:

“There’s some intermediary involved in his arrival and departure who is interested in the deal. Moving these kinds of players is a big deal and people used to care only about the price. You must know how much (is being paid) in commissions. If commissions were transparent we could easily understand a lot of deals not being in a club’s interest but are in personal interest. Neymar is a clear case to me. There’s no money for rebuilding Camp Nou, offering another contract renewal to Messi and buying Neymar,” Freixa concluded.

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