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With July off the books, the NBA is entering its unofficial “dead zone.” The season is still months away, most free agents are off the books, and the trade market has significantly dwindled as teams put the finishing touches on their roster.

One continuing point of interest, however, is the fate of Cleveland star Kevin Love, who seems all but destined to find a new NBA home before the start of the season. His fit with the Cavs is famously bad, with the 30-year-old big man currently surrounded by early 2o-year-olds out of college.

Though it seems the Cavaliers have no burning desire to see Love off the books, they could send him packing for the right deal. Could the Spurs have what it takes to make it happen?

In a piece by Grant Hughes of Bleacher Report, he describes the possibility of a Kevin Love/LaMarcus Aldridge swap between the Cavs and Spurs.

“Love is about three years younger than LaMarcus Aldridge, and his more complete offensive game (passing is important, kids) seems ideally suited to a franchise that preaches team play. Of course, we should expect them to adapt to Love since these are the Spurs we’re talking about. San Antonio’s style has always shifted to suit its personnel, which would feel especially welcome to a player who spent several years struggling to fit in. We’re not concerned with formulating the particulars of a trade, but why wouldn’t Cleveland rather have Aldridge or DeMar DeRozan on the books (probably with a pick or two coming from the Spurs)?”

The 34-year-old Aldridge has no real place on a rebuilding team either, but his contract is shorter and millions of dollars cheaper than Love’s, who is set to earn about $118 million over the next four years. The same can be said for DeRozan, who could become a free agent as soon as 2020.

It’s not the haul Cleveland is looking for, but it could work if they want to earn a few picks while clearing the books from expensive and cap-inhibiting contracts within the next two summers.

As for the Spurs, they’d be getting an upgrade in Kevin. And if they can keep DeRozan, it’d make for an intriguing duo in the West.

Kevin Love played in just 22 games last season, averaging 17 points and 10.9 rebounds on 38% shooting. He will turn 31 this September.


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