(via Blog a Bull)

In the summer of 2014, Carmelo Anthony was given a unique opportunity at the start of his free agency. Rather than continue his career with the lowly Knickerbockers, the Bulls offered him a chance to win in Chicago with Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng, and others. It was a perfect fit in that the Bulls needed scoring and Anthony needed teammates who could get some stops on the defensive end.

Unfortunately, the partnership never materialized, and Anthony’s best chance at a title was let go for more years of mediocrity in New York. Years later, many fans still don’t understand the decision, and Melo tried his best to explain it in a sit down with ESPN’s Stephen A Smith earlier this week.

Anthony said that his decision-making process, at the time, was being clouded by whispers warning him about a potential partnership with the Bulls. Though it was his final meeting with the Knicks that seems to have been the deal-breaker for him.

Apparently, the Knicks made promises and assurances, to which Carmelo decided to buy into. His heart for New York convinced him to give it another shot.

As we know now, that didn’t quite work out. After several more seasons, he was exiled first by Phil Jackson from the Knicks, and than by Sam Presti from OKC, and then after 10 games by Daryl Morey from the Rockets. Now, at 35-years-old, Melo is looking for a job in the NBA after remaining unsigned into August.

No doubt, things could be much different had he made the move to Chicago that summer.