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With Kevin Durant gone and Klay Thompson hobbled, the Warriors made sure to take care of their own. The Warriors and Draymond Green recently agreed to four-year, $100 million maximum contract extension that will keep him in town through 2024.

Anybody will tell you that $100 million is a lot of money, especially for a guy like Draymond, who has struggled offensively over the course of his career.

What you might not know, however, is that the 3x All-Star actually took an enormous pay-cut to stay with the Warriors.

Had Green simply waited a year, he’d have been eligible for a five-year, $203.6M supermax deal, or $150 million if he signed with another team. Essentially, Draymond sacrificed the potential to make $100M more by agreeing to this extension now.

Granted, his choice is not total nonsense. After witnessing the major injuries to his teammates, he could have decided not to risk future deals by waiting an entire season. Or, he could have just wanted to help the Warriors out.

Either way, the 3x NBA Champion took a major pay-cut to remain in San Fransisco. It’s hard to think he will come to regret that decision.

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