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It was seemingly out of nowhere that current Pelicans’ VP (and former Cavs GM) David Griffin came out with comments bashing not only the Cleveland Cavaliers but even LeBron James. Griffin challenged James’ desire to win following their title win in 2016, implying that LeBron was content with his latest victory and was no longer committed to winning in the same way he was in his original return to Cleveland.

Obviously, James and his camp were appalled by the comments, with one source using the word “shocked” to describe their reaction.

One former Lakers did surprisingly come to LeBron’s defense in the wake of these comments, assuring Laker Nation that his will to earn another Championship is as strong as ever.

Magic, ironically, lost his desire to run the Lakers franchise and promptly stepped down from his responsibilities as President of Basketball Operations in April. Since that time, he has gone back to vague tweeting and his ambassador-type ways.

Still, it seems LeBron has not lost Magic’s loyalty, even if his days with the team are done. And as LeBron prepares to enter his 17th season, he will be presented (perhaps) his best chance at a Championship yet. We’ll see if he is able to capitalize.

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