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As Kevin Durant departed from the Warriors, he ended a three-year era of dominance for the franchise — or did he?

True, these Warriors are not the same beast they once were. Klay Thompson is nursing his way back to health, their depth is depleted, and Steph Curry is continuing down his path to Father Time.

Nonetheless, as stats have proven, the three are more than capable of holding their own for years to come. With a record of 365-113 (.764 win percentage), the combination of Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry have the highest win percentage by any trio in NBA history (minimum 400 games).

Sans Durant, they were Champions and posted the best overall record in the NBA at 73-9. Their resume speaks for itself.

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Still, the questions about the Warriors continue. How will D’Angelo Russell fit with the big three? Will Klay return to his pre-ACL form? Can Draymond Green step up in the wake of multiple team losses? This upcoming season, Golden State will have to re-discover who they are, and it will start from their core. If Dray, Klay, and Curry want to ensure they remain legitimate threats in the West, they will have to re0light that spark they started years ago.

Don’t count it as impossible just yet.