Andre Drummond has revealed something curious about his diet, which contradicts what many people think a basketball player has to eat, or in this case, drink. The Detroit Pistons center recently talked with Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press (via USA Today) and described he has started to drink a beer every day as part of his diet.

The life of a professional athlete is not like the rest, even more so when you’re an NBA player. Playing in the association demands a big effort from players, who need to make sure to be in the proper shape to compete at the highest level. Even though some would think that what Drummond does goes against everything we just said, he has a justification for his daily beer.

“If you do it the right way, it’s actually not bad for you and that’s why I’m doing it,” Drummond told Ellis.

He said he has eliminated red meat from his diet, as it mainly consists of fish and vegetables now. Therefore, to ensure the necessary caloric intake, he drinks a beer per day. That’s a great method in the eyes of many fans.

Discussing his favorite brand, Andre picked Miller Lite, because that’s what his personal chef bought at first.

Entering a new season with his Pistons, Drummond looks optimistic, trying to improve his game to help his team to succeed next year. It looks like drinking a beer every day is a very useful tool to reach his goal.