Metta World Peace is making his case to join the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. The former player turned artist, once known as Ron Artest has been visiting the media discussing a lot of topics, but he hasn’t missed the chance to campaign for his induction to the hall of the immortals.

He recently appeared on Van Lathan’s “The Red Pill Podcast” and made it clear that he should be in Springfield.

“When you get Reggie Miller saying, ‘he’s the best defender ever.’ You get Kobe saying, ‘he’s the best defender ever on the wing.’ Michael Jordan (praised me) early on in my career, it’s documented,” World Peace said.

Even though he was a great defender, it’s not like he was actually more than that. Yes, he was great doing his job of stopping opposing players, winning four All-NBA Defensive Team appearances during his career, but in 18 years, he barely managed to make it to one All-Star game. That doesn’t sound too impressive.

Moreover, he recognized that making it to the HOF will be a hard job to carry out, but he doesn’t regret how he managed himself and his career.

“A lot of people don’t wanna see me in that Hall of Fame. I never really was afraid to speak my mind. I never submitted to being that corporate person. I never gave a f**k. So, it’s gonna be hard to get it.”

He has a point there, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be forgotten by NBA fans even if he doesn’t get into the Hall of Fame. He was a very good defender, even though people tend to remember his antics and controversies on and off the court more than anything.

That doesn’t seem enough for the people in charge of picking the new members of one of the most exclusive clubs in sports.

MWP is eligible to enter the Hall of Fame next year, but you have to be very optimistic to believe that he has any hope to enter.

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