It looks like the Neymar saga is far from over, but Barcelona have finally reached a financial agreement with Paris Saint-Germain to bring him back to Camp Nou.

The French club was reluctant to engage in negotiations with the Blaugrana but given how the issue has escalated over the last couple of weeks, they decided that it would be for the best interest to just let him go back to Spain.

However, whether Barcelona will be able to bring him back or not will depend on a series of factor, the first of them being Philippe Coutinho’s future.

Thing is, Barcelona can’t afford to have both Coutinho and Neymar on their payroll, as it would be a major blow to their books and they would also break the financial fair play rules.

Therefore, they need Coutinho to agree on a proposed loan move to Tottenham, the only Premier League club willing and capable of paying his high salary fees, according to

Tottenham Hotspur have been aggressively trying to get more stars before the transfer window closes, with them already offering Juventus €70 million for Paulo Dybala.

Should Coutinho agree to be moved to North London, the Spurs would have to pay him £200,000 a week, as well as paying a €30m fee for his services.

Still, even if that happens, Josep Maria Bartomeu would demand several conditions from Neymar to allow him to come back, like dropping his lawsuit against the team where he demands a €30m payment from Barcelona.

Neymar left the team in very bad terms but regretted it almost instantly and it’s been clear that his future would be better off out of Parc des Princes.

But the clock is ticking and the Blaugrana have until August 8 at 5 pm British time to close a deal for Coutinho and have the green light to sign Neymar again.

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