Credit: USA Today Sports

Dwyane Wade just finished a 16-year NBA career full of titles, individual awards and more. Wade is considered one of the best players of all time in his position thanks to all the good things he displayed throughout his career.

He shared stints with the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers, but there is no doubt that he lived his best time in the league while he was part of the Heat, where he won three titles, started and ended his career, leaving nothing but great memories.

Wade is considered one of the biggest players in the history of the franchise, if not the biggest, with fans praising the Chicago native even after he decided to retire from the game.

On Friday’s edition of ESPN’s First Take, one of the team’s most famous fans, rapper Rick Ross, didn’t miss the chance to throw flowers at Wade, stating that he was really important for the organization, even more than LeBron James, the guy who arrived in Miami to make the team the biggest force of the league at the beginning of the decade.

Ross was asked what was his favorite moment of Wade with the organization, replying:

“It’s too many to name. We got three rings, he turned our entire city around. Words can’t even translate,” Ross said.

Then, when the question of who was more important between Wade and LeBron came, he didn’t hesitate in his response.

“Without a doubt, Dwyane Wade, because without a doubt, if Dwyane Wade wasn’t there, LeBron wouldn’t have come to Miami. It took real class to bring him into the family and let him know, ‘you’re going to take my minutes and you’re going to be the face’, D-Wade did that with class and that’s why he would never not be number one.”

If you ask any other Miami Heat fans they will tell the same thing as Ross. Wade brought a ring to the city long before LeBron made his way to the American Airlines Arena, balling out alongside Shaquille O’Neal and demonstrating he could lead his team to the top of the league when he had only three years in the NBA. No doubt why he retired as a complete idol in Miami.