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Everyone knows that the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers are the two most successful franchises when it comes to championships, but there’s another franchise that has been arguably just as successful.

The San Antonio Spurs may have only won just five championships but ever since they entered the league with the ABA-NBA merger, the franchise has had an incredible run. The Spurs currently leads the league in all-time winning percentage and is the only franchise to have a positive winning record against every NBA team.

Here’s the San Antonio Spurs record against all 29 teams in the NBA, over 50% against every single team.

Credit: HoopsHype

Taking a closer look at the list, the Spurs best record is against the Los Angeles Clippers, an incredible winning percentage of 75.3. The Spurs have won 128 games against the Clippers and have only lost 42 games against the franchise. Their worst winning percentage is against the Portland Trail Blazers which is still 50.6 percent.

The Celtics and Lakers both have the second and third-best winning percentage behind the Spurs, the two franchises have dominated at different times for long stretches in NBA history.

Check the numbers for every other NBA team.

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