Cristiano Ronaldo shook the world when he announced his desire to leave Real Madrid and his move to Juventus right after winning his 4th UEFA Champions League in 5 years with Los Blancos.

There was a lot of speculation regarding Cristiano’s relationship with Zinedine Zidane as one of the catalysts for his decision, but that conspiracy theory fell apart when Zidane also packed his bags and kissed the club goodbye after the win vs. Liverpool.

Still, Cristiano was kind enough to clear the air when asked about his time playing for Zizou and had nothing but praise for the Frenchman and the way he made him feel:

“The confidence that a player needs doesn’t only come from himself but also from the players around him and the coach. You need to feel like you are an important part of the group and Zidane made me feel special. He helped me a lot. I already had a lot of respect for him but working with him made me admire him more.

That’s because of what he’s like as a person, how he talks, how he led the team and how he treated me. He’d tell me, ‘Cris, relax and just play your game – you are the one who is going to make the difference. He was always honest with me and that’s why I’ll always have a real affection for him,” Cristiano Ronaldo told DAZN.

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the greatest player in Real Madrid history and Zidane could be considered as a close second, so Madridismo was dealt a major blow when both of their idols decided to call it a day.

Together they ruled Europe in a way no one had done it in decades, and there’s no doubt they’ll always be cherished and loved by every single Real Madrid fan in the world, regardless of what happens next.

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