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Finding the personal contact information of an NBA professional has always been a pipe dream for many within the community. To be able to call, text, and chat with someone placed in the highest basketball organization in sports would be a uniquely rare opportunity.

Well, on Tuesday night, Michael Porter Jr. made that dream a reality, not be releasing the data of his personal information, but that of NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver’s. In an apparent meeting between the league and their players, Porter captured a photo featuring Silver providing his contact information, including a cell-phone number.

We still don’t know for sure yet if that really is Silver’s number, but someone has responded to attempts to reach out, including interesting (unconfirmed) text exchanges with several fans.

Of course, as these things usually go on the internet, the phenomenon became a bit of a meme on Twitter, as fans and media members alike joined in on the fun.

Silver has likely already changed numbers by now, but he should still have a serious chat with Porter Jr. At the very least, he should be paying that upcoming phone bill.

Nevertheless, it just goes to show how one tiny, little mistake, can almost break the internet.

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